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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.      What do you look for?

A.       At 360 Home Inspections, we aim to detect any major deficiencies of the 

home and assess the age and condition of major components.

Q.      What guidelines do you follow to ensure I'm getting the best inspection 


A.       We follow the standards of practice and code of ethics set forth by 


Q.      Are you qualified to perform home inspections in Alberta?

A.      YES, we are approved and certified by Service Alberta.  We are also

insured and bonded.

Q.      Should I be there during the inspection?

A.       YES, a house is one of the biggest purchases a person makes in their 

life and we highly recommend you come to the inspection.

Q.      Does thermal imaging cost more?

A.       No, we believe every customer should get full access to the most 

thorough inspection possible, through the use of specialized equipment. 

Q.      How long does a home inspection take?

A.       On average, a home inspection should take approximately 3 hours.